Whichever way you decide to go the result is a new

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Pectin substitute must be used in this recipe since the fruit skins were removed from the liquid. Being made from the juice and having sugar added gives this formula a sweeter taste than jam, which has the natural tartness of the pulp to tone the sweetness down. Peanut butter and jelly has long been an unexplainable favorite meal for children of all ages and most will manage to eat more than a thousand PBJ sandwiches before they reach adulthood..

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This notable shift in focus works because Ware’s honey laden voice drips deliciously off virtually every syllable on the record. Opener ‚Tough Love’ is an elegant slice of sophisticated soul pop and sets the tone for much of what is to follow. ‚Cruel’ is the album’s most outstanding moment and boasts an effortless hook that’s sure to be humming around your head for days.

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